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Second in the series of The Interface Between Science and Scripture, Evolution of Creation bridges the divide between science and spirituality.  As both a Christian and a scientist, Mack E. Crayton III, Ph.D. reveals congruences between the two worlds that many have considered to be opposite of one another.


Evolution of Creation explores the biblical creation story from the book of Genesis and interfaces it with scientific data from astronomy, geology, biology, psychology, and anthropology.  Dr. Crayton uncovers obscure details hidden within biblical passages that will challenge your thoughts about the creation of our universe, the origins of the human race, and historic interpretations of biblical scripture.  Evolution of Creation examines the Big Bang Theory, challenges whether Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth, addresses the concepts of race and racism, chronicles discoveries in genetic engineering, and highlights human influences on evolution.  Using his knowledge of science and his compassion for humanity, Dr. Crayton teaches you that evolution underlies human diversity and that our diversity is the beauty of life.   If you enjoyed the first installment in this series, Brain, Mind, Soul, and Spirit: The Interface Between Science and Scripture – you will be captivated by Evolution of Creation.


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Evolution of Creation

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