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Motivational Speaker
Motivational Speaker

Dillard University's Will Alexander Library. Nov 7, 2018.

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Motivational Speaker
Motivational Speaker

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Xavier University 2017
Xavier University 2017

Assistant Professor

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Motivational Speaker
Motivational Speaker

Dillard University's Will Alexander Library. Nov 7, 2018.

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Mack E. Crayton III, Ph.D.
Dr. Mack Crayton III.jpg

Professional Summary


For two decades Dr. Crayton traveled the county and also abroad addressing audiences at scientific conferences and engaging them in his research findings.  As Program Coordinator for Biology (Dept Chair) Dillard University and former Assistant Professor of Genetics at Xavier University, Dr. Crayton has lectured to literally thousands of aspiring physicians, pharmacists, healthcare professionals, and research scientists at these Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Born the grandson of Mack Crayton, Sr. a Louisiana sharecropper with less than a sixth grade education, in 2003 Mack Crayton III became the first African-American to earn a PhD in Genetics from the University of Connecticut, Storrs.  Presently, Dr. Crayton works to promote science literacy among all Americans as an Author and Educational Motivational Speaker.


Drawing from his career experiences as a trained scientist, promoter of science literacy, author, and Christian believer, Dr. Crayton engages audiences in inspirational discussions about the utility of science in developing a greater understanding of our humanity and to develop a deeper relationship with the Creator.   His book, Brain, Mind, Soul and Spirit: The Interface between Science and Scripture was released in 2018.  This work serves as the backdrop for exploring topics such as: The powers of the human mind, faith, and spirituality; The Biology of human nature, gender identity and sexual orientations.  Evolution of Creation: The Interface Between Science and Scripture (2021) interfaces the biblical creation story with present-day scientific knowledge that pertains to the development of our universe, the origins of life on earth and the evolution of man.   This book closes with a history of genetic engineering, and an introduction to gene editing (CRISPR). Additionally as a guest lecturer, Dr. Crayton  expands on topics that include: precision medicine for treatment of health disparities; the genetics of race; and the historical fear of medical research within the African American community and the necessity for African Americans to participate in present-day research studies.  


Dr. Crayton currently resides in New Orleans, LA and has been married to Jabial Reed since 2016, the couple has no children.  


Career Highlights


  • Educator:  Higher Ed. Administrator and Professor of Genetics and Biology at two HBCUs.

  • Educational Motivational Speaker.

  • STEM Consultant for Higher Education (includes strategies for effective mentoring of underrepresented graduate and undergraduate students in STEM research).

  • Biomedical Researcher –  Research areas: Molecular Evolution and Comparative Genomics.

  • Entrepreneur, Founder/President of a 501c3 non-profit C.L.A.S.S.; a free after-school homework assistance program for grade school students.




Career Experiences


Founder & Executive Director:  2014 – Present

Crayton’s Services, LLC – New Orleans, LA


Two divisions of Crayton’s Services: 1) Educational Assistance – Director of CLASS homework assistance program, a 501c3 non-profit;   2) Educational Services – Educational motivational speaker, book author, and STEM educational consultant.  



Assistant Professor of Genetics and Biology Program Coordinator (Dept Chair) : 2018 – Present

Dillard University – New Orleans, LA


Mid-level Educational Administrator and lecturer for undergraduate courses in General Biology and Genetics.  Administrative duties include: supervision of Biology faculty, manage department budget, course scheduling, curriculum revision and update. 


Assistant Professor of Genetics & Molecular Biology: 2005 – 2017

Xavier University of Louisiana – New Orleans, LA


Tenured Assistant Professor of Genetics and Molecular Biology.  Taught Freshman – Senior level Biology courses and assigned final grades, guest lecturer and keynote speaking engagements, academic advisor and mentoring, chaired and conducted university and departmental committee meetings, served as Chair of Biology Department during Summer months, maintained extramural research in comparative genomics and bioinformatics utilizing undergraduate students.  Grant acquisitions and grant management, authored publications.


Post-Doctoral Research Scientist in Genomics & Bioinformatics: 2003 – 2005

University of North Carolina Medical School at Chapel Hill– Chapel Hill, NC


Full-time Research Scientist in the laboratory of Morgan Giddings, Ph.D. performing computational based research within the discipline of comparative genomics, investigating the evolution of alternative splice patterns and their contribution towards proteome diversity.  Presented research at professional science conferences in lecture and poster presentation style.  


Non-Tenure Track Lecturer in Biology: 1991-1993

Xavier University of Louisiana – New Orleans, LA


Taught Freshman – Junior level Biology courses and assigned final grades. Served as academic advisor, student organization advisor.  Served on Biology Department committees.






University of Louisiana at Monroe. Bachelor of Science. (1989), Biology

Tennessee State University, Nashville. Master of Science. (1992), Biology

University of Connecticut, Storrs.  Master of Science (2002) Genetics; Doctor of Philosophy (2003), Genetics

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY.  Training Certificates (2003 and 2004), Bioinformatics


Published Works


Mack E. Crayton III. An analysis of transcription factor binding sites within histone non-coding sequences in Drosophila. Doctoral Thesis (2003). University of Connecticut, Storrs.


M.E. Crayton III, Hampikian G, Ladd CE, Sommer M, and Strausbaugh LD. (2004) “An Organizational Model of Transcription Factor Binding Sites for a Histone Promoter in D. melanogaster. “ In silico Biology  4, 0045.


M.E. Crayton III, Powell BA, Vision TJ, and Giddings MC (2006)“Tracking the Evolution of an Alternatively Spliced Exon within the DSCAM gene family.” Molecular Biology and Evolution. 6(1):16.  doi:10.1186/1471-2148-6-16.


Mack E. Crayton III, Kristi Brumfield, Krystal Huggins and Shubha Ireland. Biology 1230 Laboratory Manual (Editions 1-3). 2010, 2011 and 2012, respectively.


Mack E. Crayton III.  Brain, Mind, Soul and Spirit: The Interface Between Science and Scripture (2018).  Dorrance Publishing Company, Pittsburg PA. ISBN 978-1-4809-5221-8

                                                        Scheduled for publication in late 2020:  

Mack E. Crayton III. Growing In Christ: The Sincere Milk of the Word.  A Christian educational primer.

Mack E. Crayton III. Evolution of Creation: The Interface Between Science and Scripture.  (2nd in series) Exploring the interface between science and scripture as it pertains to the Biblical Creation story.



Selected Speaking Engagements and Consults


Educational Motivational Speaker. LSU Health Science Center-Shreveport, LA. RMEC Medical Student Conference.  “Mental Health and Burnout Among Physicians and Healthcare Professionals.”  November 2018


Educational Motivational Speaker. Dillard University School of Social Sciences Symposium. New Orleans, LA. “The Genetics of Sickle Cell Disease.” November 2018

Educational Motivational Speaker. Baha’i Faith Center of Durham, Durham North Carolina. “The Interface Between Sciences of the Mind and Faith.”  July 2018


Educational Motivational Speaker.  Love & Faith Community Café. Washington, DC. “Mass Shootings in America; Personality Development, Mental Illness, and Spirituality.” May 2018


STEM Consultant: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Textbook Reviewer for Biology Laboratory Manual 12th Edition by Vodopich and Moore. 2017


STEM Consultant: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Textbook Reviewer for Biology 7th Edition by Solomon, Berg and Martin. 2006


STEM Consultant: Xavier University of Louisiana. Biology/Pre-Medicine Program Curriculum revision and course updates.  2008-2017.


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