Dr. Crayton is available for bookings for lectures/presentations, radio/television talk shows appearances, and panal discussions that address the following topics: Genetics, Genomics, Human Evolution versus Creation, the Origins of Race and Genetics, New Advances in Personalized  Medicine (Genetics, Race and Medical treatment), and Recent advances in Biotechnology (Gene Editing using CRISPR ). Below are excerpts from Dr. Crayton's recent radio and television appearances.

Outline of Topics
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Important discussion of COVID-19 vaccine. Monday, Dec 28th at 8:30 AM. The Good Morning Show with Oliver 'OT' Thomas on radio station WBOK 1230 AM. 

 Topic: Are the vaccines out to get Black people?

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Facebook Live excerpt reading from Evolution of Creation: The Interface Between Science and Scripture (March 21, 2021)

Part 1. Mental Health and Burnout among Physicians and Healthcare Professionals. LSU Health Science Center Shreveport, LA. Nov 2018. View Part 2 on YouTube.

 A discussion of the psyche of a mass shooter.   Mental illness versus sociopathic behavior due to underdeveloped personalities. Brain, Mind, Soul, and Spirit: The Interface Between Science and Scripture. Dillard University November 2018

The Morning Show with Oliver "O.T." Thomas on radio station WBOK New Orleans. August 2018. Discussion of race relations in America on the one-year anniversary of protest at Charlottesville, VA; the genetics of race; and Brain, Mind, Soul, and Spirit: The Interface Between Science and Scripture.

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WBOK Radio, New Orleans with Oliver Thomas

NOA-TV Health Issues 2015 with Dr. Christopher Sylvain (Television Show).  Dr. Mack Crayton discusses the recent controversial topic of European Heritage, White supremacy and whether interracial matings can 'breed away' a particular  racial group.

The Genetics of Sickle Cell Disease. Dillard University Social Sciences Symposium (November 2018)

The World of Gospel Radio Show with Prince Lyle on Crescent City Radio, New Orleans. August 2018.  Discussion of Brain, Mind, Soul, and Spirit: The Interface Between Science and Scripture; the genetics of race and race relations in America.

WBOK Radio - Dr. Christopher Sylvain Radio Show.  Topic: Genetics and Race. Dr. Mack Crayton discusses the topics of Genetics, Race, Criminal Behavior, Intelligence, and recent advances in Genetic/Personalized Medicine.  

Xavier University Freshman Seminar Course 2016 Taught by Dr. Mack Crayton. Service Learning Event - Sexual Health Awareness Forum. PrEP to Prevent HIV Infection.

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