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       Dr. Crayton is an Educational Consultant for STEM education with a specialty in Biological and Genomic sciences.  He can assist your institution with curriculum revision and course development in order to infuse math, technology and critical thinking into your courses.  He routinely serves as a consultant and reviewer of educational materials produced by McGraw-Hill publishers.  Dr. Crayton has years of experience mentoring undergraduate research students at Xavier University of Louisiana and Dillard University (both HBCU's) and can provide invaluable training for mentoring underrepresented and other diverse groups of individuals in STEM academic  programs and research laboratories.  Additionally, Dr. Crayton has worked with the faculty at Xavier University to enhance cross-cultural relationships among faculty and staff by increasing awarenesses of stereotype threat and implicit bias.

General Topics for Educational Consulting

  • Textbook Reviewer

  • STEM mentoring (Academic Advisor/Mentor & Lab PI)

  • Cross-Cultural, Gender and Sexual Orientation Awarenesses (Faculty:Student & Faculty:Faculty)

  • Course Revision & Development in STEM

  • Curriculum Revision & Development

Consulting for Christian Education & Administration

 Dr. Crayton also provides seminar-styled courses in effective Church Administration and Leadership.  These seminars provide Pastors and Church Administrators with the tools for effective record keeping for the following: Membership, Visitors, Weekly Financial Giving, Annual Financial Statements, Budgeting and Payroll, and Personnel Management for Church employees. Separate training sessions are available for Microsoft products: Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.

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