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Sincere Milk of the Word is the first installment in the Growing in Christ series. This book is designed as a beginner’s primer to the Christian Faith. It contains twelve lessons that will provide a new believer with the ability to gain an understanding of God’s grace, faith, salvation, forgiveness of sins, the great commission, giving, and much more.  The student’s edition of Sincere Milk of the word can be used for a beginner’s level (you or adult) Sunday School, Church School, or New Disciples class.  Each lessons contains two focal scriptures on the lesson topic, which allows each lesson to be taught in two parts.  There are study questions at the end of each lessons.  Upon completion of this book, the student will have learned twenty-four scriptures. The instructor’s edition provides the course instructor with detailed explanations of the lesson and suggested teaching strategies for a novice teacher.  It also provides answers to the lesson study questions and contains a multiple-choice question style quiz (with answer key) for each of the twelve lessons.  This feature is ideal for assessing whether your students are truly Growing in Christ.

Sincere Milk of The Word: The Growing In Christ Series (Student)

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